Rhys Hoskins may have wonthe National League Rookie of the Year award had he played a full season in 2017, but he still hit 18 home runs in 50 games and awoke a fan base in Philadelphia that was starved for a star.The Phillies have reinforcements coming, but they have plenty on their plate before the regular season gets started.So what is on the Phillies’ to-do list this spring?1. Commit to Crawford (or not)J.P. Crawford may be as good defensively as a Francisco Lindor or Andrelton Simmons, but Michael Lorenzen Jersey like with Simmons, there is fear about his bat, and if a player can’t hit he loses his spot.Crawford batted .214 in 23 MLB games last year and .243 in 127 games at Triple-A. After batting no worse than .285 in his first three minor league seasons, Crawford has failed to eclipse .250 over his last two years. Will he hit enough to be an everyday player? Will the Phillies give him a chance to find out at the start of the season?2. Consider addingto the rotationThe Phillies have some talent in their rotation, but they have far more questions than answers. The biggest question is do they go out and add a Ken Griffey Jersey starter like a Lance Lynn or an Alex Cobb?They have the money and may be close enough to competing to do so, but do they want to? Losing pays in MLB, and the Phillies are in a position to lose once again. If they add a starter, they could win enough toget a much lower draft pick. They’ll have to figure out if they want to compete now or wait another year or two.3. Build Vince Velasquez’s confidenceThere is no starter in Philly’s prospective rotation with better stuff than Velasquez. With a fastball into the upper 90s, a good curveball and changeup, Velasquez quite oftenhas no-hit stuff when he steps on the mound. What he lacks is confidence, and it is clear in how he pitched last season.He threw more curveballsin 2017 and it hurt him. He had a career-worst 5.13 ERA last season,nearly a run worse per game than the year before. Building his confidence will be key to Philly’s season and it will start by getting back to throwing both his fastball and slider more frequently.

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